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"A power trio "  which in this case is an accurate description of the band. We never grew out of the seventy’s so the attentive listener will recognize influences from old time hard rock, prog rock but foremost blues and blues rock with a hint of southern rock.



  • The album "As Good As It Gets" released late in 2008
  • The singel "All Bark And No Bite" released in 2012
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  • Shiverbone played with ZZ Top in Stillwater Ok, USA summer of 2010
  • They did a tour of Oklahoma and Texas that same summer
  • They played at the blues fest "From Dusk 'Til Dawn" in Rentiesville, OK, USA in 2010 and in 2012
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Shiverbones music is mostly originals from the hands of Knut Roppestad, but they also throw in some cover songs in their live sets.