Upcomming event

Shiverbone has slowed down their activity because of other responsibilities, but they always have a blast on stage together. So they just have to keep on rocking together when the opportuneties arises. 
They are not giving up Shiverbone. 

So until next time, Rock on!

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Past events


13.02.15                Place: Gamla City: Oslo


13.04.13                Place: Snikkeriet  City: Rosendal

23.02.13            PlaceGlassmagasinet  City: Horten

26.01.13            PlaceRetro Bar  City:  Raufoss

25.01.13                Place: Enga Restauranthus  City: Oslo


02.11.12                 Place: Buggen   City:  Ås

13.10.12             Place: Stopp En Halv   City: Kragerø

01.09.12                 From Dusk til Dawn Blues Festival, Rentiesville, OK, USA

24.08.12                 Place:  Olsen Pub, City: Oslo

27.01.12                  Place:  Olsen Pub, City: Oslo


29.10.11                Place:  Håndverkeren, City: Horten

10.09.11                Place: Olsen Pub, City: Oslo

27.08.11                  Hoff

04.06.11                 Place: Ka Farsken Landsbypub, City: Hvittingfoss

03.06.11                 Place: Olsen Pub, City: Oslo      

09.04.11                 Place: Naustet Pub, City: Åsgårdstrand

08.04.11                 Place: Ka Farsken Landsbypub, City: Hvittingfoss


03.12.10                  Place: Enga Restaurant,City: Oslo

26.10.10                  Place: Queens Pub, City: Oslo

15.10.10                  Place: Buckleys Pub, City: Oslo

08.10.10                 Place:  Håndverkeren, City: Horten

24.07.10                 Place: Naustet Pub, City: Åsgårdstrand

04.06.10                 Place: Buckley's Pub, City: Oslo

11.05.10                  Place: Queens Pub, City: Oslo                  Club: Åpen Scene

23.04.10                  Place: Store Stå, City: Oslo                       Club: Rough Diamonds

05.02.10                 Place: Herr Nilsen, City: Oslo               Rory Gallagher tribute show

US-Tour 2010:

 11.09.10                  Blue Note Roundup Festival, Tahlequah, OK - two shows

10.09.10                  Bennys Bar, Longview, TX   

                                    with Jonny Pecker and the Beaver Bustin' Pickle Weasels

09.09.10                  Wired Wabbit, Childress, TX

08.09.10                  Wired Wabbit, Childress, TX

07.09.10                  Biting Sow Blues Club, Oklahoma City, OK

05.09.10                  From Dusk 'till Dawn Blues Festival, Rentiesville, OK

03.09.10                  From Dusk 'till Dawn Blues Festival, Rentiesville, OK

30-31.07.10             Tumble Weed, Stillwater, OK

                    pre-shows for ZZ Top, Sawyer Brown, Bo Phillips Band, Corey Smith

29.07.10                  Max's Garage, Muskogee, OK


30.10.09                  Place:  Buckleys Pub, City: Oslo

02.10.09                  Place: Gamle Horten Gård, City: Horten

14.05.09                  Place: Buckleys Pub, City: Oslo

27.02.09                  Place: Gamle Horten Gård, City: Horten

06.02.10                  Place: Buckleys Pub, City: Oslo